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RSKN Is Moving To A New Location, Who's Coming In First?

When things are already going well, you wonder why they would ever need to shift, and yet, when they do, and you find something even more lovely around the corner you get that all-over excitement that you just don't ever want to shake off.  This is precisely where I am at now, as RSKN is moving to a new location once again.  I know what you're thinking, but we just moved not too long ago, right?  Yes, but truly, you won't believe the beauty and the perfection you are about to enjoy right alongside me when you come visit this new gem of a space.  

If you know me, you know I love when all the vibes connect, a little bit of cozy, mixed with the beauty of intentional design, add in some neutral tones, the charm of an old house made fresh again, and a location that boasts a variety of restaurants, shopping, and awesome hang-outs and your appointment with me can easily turn into a full day spa experience that you'll never want to leave.  

I've always loved my job and mostly, I've always adored my clients and the precious time we get to spend with one another, and now I feel like the luckiest esthetician in the world as I know I am about to welcome you into the most (seriously, the MOST) peaceful spa experience you have ever experienced.  The same excellent traditional spa treatments mixed with some medical grade treatments will now be offered with the usual expertise and personalization, only now, we can add a little extra sprinkle of serenity that this special location provides.

Come see me! Come see what manifests when you take every ingredient of "positive intention pie" and swirl them together to create a magical place full of people ready to spoil your radiant skin with nourishment and renewed vitality. You're gonna love it here and don't forget to book some extra time for yourself to relish in all the goodness.  And please, don't wake me from this dream, I'm pretty in love with all of it!  Who's coming in first? xoxo Theresa

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